Maria Smith

Maria Smith

I close my eyes and like a film, I fast forward, stop, and rewind images of Paul.

Each time, I linger on those images and freeze frame Paul at different moments.

Meeting when we were teenagers and knowing each other until the end.

Traveling the world together, Rome, Marrakech, London, Paris Jamaica…

Two kids from New York, having dinner with Gore Vidal, Pasolini,Rossellini,Tennessee Williams, and Maria Callas.

Paul making “Medea” in Rome.

A palace in Marrakech, midnight in a horse drawn carriage riding through the streets, jasmine filling the air. Laughing with great hope.

Painters, poets, directors, prince and princesses, dancers and musicians.

Paul winning the Academy Award, the Grammy, and Golden Globe.

Images keep flashing, the opening night of “Rachel”…his hands sweating.

Paul, a force of nature, always making the most pedestrian situation special and full of excitement!

Paul full of life, Paul full of love, Paul full of creative genius, Paul full of grace…but most of all, Paul full of his relentless humanity.

I loved him then, I love him now and will miss him eternally.

Thank You, Paul.

Maria Smith